What is Acai?

The most powerful fruit from the Amazon.

Acai has a deep and dark purple color; also known as a super Fruit it is a typical fruit of an Amazonian palm tree, which won the world. The Acai is a tropical palm tree found in the Amazon region. The pulp of its fruit has great nutritional power; it is consumed worldwide in bowls, smoothies, fruit mixtures, and sorbets. The real Acai berry from the Amazon has great antioxidant and energy power.

What are the benefits of the Acai Berry?

An explosion of strength and energy.

The benefits of eating natural and organic Tropical Acai berry
Acai is a powerful natural source of antioxidant, a substance that prevents oxidative damage to our body by preventing and repairing damage done by free radicals.
Antioxidants are also known to improve brain health by boosting cognitive function and maintaining brain and nerve function.
All the above benefits combined with healthy fats, protein, minerals and essential nutrients, make the Acai berry one of the most powerful super foods.
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